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AACN ACNPC Certification Exam

  1. 0 [FONT=Arial Narrow]I have completed my ACNP program and have registered for AACN's ACNPC exam. I am using Barkley's ACNP certification review. Just curious to know if anyone has taken AACN's ACNPC exam and/or used Barkely's review? I figured that I would take a chance and sign up for AACN's exam being that it was grounded in theory (Synergy Model), and is rooted in practice after extensive studies of ACNP practice. Would appreciate some insight if anyone is willing to respond; appreciate it!
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    Don't know anyone who has taken the test but do know of some ACNP's who were involved in trialing the proposed questions during the exam development. The test is not recognized by my state yet but do tell us what you feel about the test after you take it. I'd really be interested to know.
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    [FONT=Arial Narrow]Thanks, buddy. Will keep the community informed...