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  1. 0 Just looking for some advice. I have been a RN for 5 years now, I've worked in a float pool, ICU, and ambulatory surgery center. I seem to be continuously asked to do management type roles. When I worked in ICU they had me cross train for House Supervisor. Now at the surgery center I am frequently asked to be a charge nurse and have been offered a PM charge nurse position. I love doing management type work, being able to help employees when they have questions and help out where needed most. I would seriously look into management roles but I am young and only been a nurse for 5 years. I think management may be in my future but is it too soon to be looking into that position already.
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    What advice are you looking for?
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    Five years in a variety of settings seems like plenty of experience to me -- and your bosses must be impressed with your management potential, since they continue to push you in that direction. Can't hurt to explore other, further opportunities.

    Best wishes!

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