1. I would like to find a good resonable RN to BSN program. Can anyone tell me what a good program is?
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  3. by   Amanda.RN
    I'm looking at the University of Phoenix's RN to BSN program right now. I spoke with an enrollement specialist a couple weeks ago and I'm fairly certain I will be moving forward with them and applying soon. They seem very organized, and I've heard good things from other people who have either taken or know someone who's taken their nursing courses (RN to BSN, BSN to MSN, and/or PhD). I'm really excited about it! Other schools that I eliminated for various reasons but I think would still be worth checking into if you're looking to compare schools would be Kaplan University and Chamberlain. Just make sure the school you choose has an accredited nursing program (accredited at least by the CCNE, and maybe by an additional accrediting agency like the NLNAC or other agency). These are all schools that offer almost all of the courses online (the exception is that you have clinicals at the site(s) of your choice). If you learn better from an in-the-classroom experience, you'll have to check out colleges in your area.

    Good luck!
  4. by   rniam143
    Jacksonville university and american sentinel university are both online and have decent tuition rates and curricula