Private Practice Nurse Managers

  1. Hello All,

    Often on these boards I read Nurse Manager situations and advise for the hospital setting. are there in Nurses that work in the private practice that can offer information.

    Here are the demographics for our practice:

    7 Physicians/ 1 ARNP
    4 locations
    1 small location - 3 chemotherapy chairs 2 nurses
    2 med. locations - 3 nurses at each and 8-9 chairs in each location
    1 LARGE location - 4 nurses , 17 chemo chairs, 2 beds, radiation therapy (new) CT and PET scan suite (new)

    We do 170 chemotherapy treatments per week, 160 injections (procrit,neupogen,neulasta,b12, arnesp) per week. Also PT/INR clinic and Port Flushes.

    We have been in busy for 25 years but for the past 5 years have developed needed guidelines and protocols. Looking for information from individuals in Private practice PLEASE

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