Please Help! Nurse Manager Interview

  1. I'm looking for a nurse manager willing to answer the following questions for an assignment. I'd really appreciate your assistance. Thank you!

    1. Describe the facility and patient population. What services are provided? What is the level of acuity?

    2. Describe the staff mix and numbers needed to care for the patient population.

    3. How does the manager or director determine the staffing needs for the unit?

    4. Describe the nurse manager's role in budget preparation. Who reviews the manager's budget requests?

    5. What are the major budget items? What are the priorities? What are the major costs in the budget?

    6. What difficulties arise when planning the budget?

    7. What resources are available to the nurse manager, what sources of revenue?

    8. How does the manager deal with a shortfall in resources? Denial of budget requests? Where do the cuts come from in a unit or facility budget?

    9. When there is a variance between money spent and money received, how does the manager deal with this?
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    Have you found someone to help you with this? If not, please email me with the questions and I'll be glad to help.