Online MSN degree programs, any advice?

  1. I am graduating with from the RN to BSN program at UCONN next week, I really would like to continue and get my MSN. I am looking into Chamberlain College's MSN + MBA degree (Executive concentration), but I am very nervous. I realize it is expensive, but I am not sure how it compares to other online degrees. Most of all, I am concerned about whether the degree will open doors or be a joke. I feel like most schools want you to jump through hoops with letters of reference, essays, etc., and Chamberlain is VERY eager to have you. Anyone have any advice about online MSN degrees? Anyone have good luck with one?
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  3. by   delasker
    Check out American Sentinel University. It is fully accredited and has 4 or 5 paths (can't remember!) to pursue. I'm in the RN to MSN program there. I researched online schools for quite awhile and chose this one! Good Luck!