need help in this decision.

  1. I am a new graduate nurse and i start my new job in a nursing home in a couple of days. They are putting me in charge of the entire west wing, involving 25 patient bed, 3 cnas and 1 lpn. I will have a preceptor to train me for 1 month. My goal is to become a director of nursing in either a hospital or nursing home; and then maybe a chief nursing officer of a hospital. My question to you guys is that you do you see me going the right path, by going into this management position in nursing home. Is my experience equal to the experience in the hospital? Can you guys give me advice on the correct ladder to pursue both positions as a don and a cno. I am pursing my mba and will graduate in 16 months.
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  3. by   classicdame
    depends on the market where you live. There are many similiarities from one facility to another and some things are unique. I would think that working and going to school and just HAVING a goal are all in your favor.