Interview help

  1. Are there any DON's or nurse leaders out there who wouldn't mind answering a few interview questions for an assignment? I would really appreciate it. You can also personal message me if you like. Thanks.
    1) What is your title?

    2) What is the scope of your responsibilities?

    3) Explain how your responsibilities are (or are not) within your job description.
    4) To whom do you report?
    5) To whom are you accountable?

    6) How long have you been in this position?

    7) What (and where) was your previous position?

    8) What leadership skills did you bring to this job?

    9) What leadership skills did you acquire on this job?

    10) How has this position helped your growth as a nurse leader?

    11) What do you like best about your leadership role?

    12) What do you like least about your leadership role?

    13) How much satisfaction with your leadership role do you experience?

    14) What one piece of advice would you give to an aspiring nurse leader?
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