Hourly Rounding

  1. I manage a med-surge unit and we started hourly rounding in April. We were doing great at first but staff's motivation really seems to have slipped. There seems to be a big disconnect between "it's just another task I have to do" and the bigger picture of patient trust, safety, and satisfaction. If anyone has been thru this before, how did you "hard-wire" hourly rounding on your unit? How do you hold staff accountable? Thanks
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  3. by   NurseDawn10
    Oooooo The Joys of hourly rounding!!! We had a tough time "hard-wiring" our nursing staff on hourly rounding as well. What I did was either myself or my CNO would go up every AM and do the first initial rounding with them. Then throughout the day we do random spot checks. I do manager rounds on M,W,F and someone from the Senior Admin Team does leadership rounds everyday. So after a few times of getting called out on not doing their job properly people started complying and out patient satisfactions scores have really really really gone up a lot!!!!!!