Final interview with all the OB docs:HELP!

  1. Hi all!
    im looking for input. I have an interview for a manager position on Tuesday. This is the third and final interview. This is a panel interview with all the doctors (most anyways) that we deal with on this unit. This is for an IB nurse manager position in a small critical access hospital. The interview is early in the morning (a Green interview) before clinic and rounds.
    1) Anyone had this kind of interview with the docs? Is it typical for a nurse manager job?

    2) what kinds of questions could I expect?

    3) what kinds of things should I avoid addressing at this interview?

    4) general advice for me?? Have you done this?

    I am nervous. I was a supervisor at a much larger hospital, but this would be my first manager job, and it's so small, I'm not going to get a supervisor, so it will all be on me.

    also, how would I negotiate a salary?
    I will basically be on call 24/7.

    thanks in advance for the help!
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  3. by   TowannaRN
    Good Evening. How did your interview go?
  4. by   peeweedelivery
    It went well! Thank you for asking!! They did my background check and I accepted the position today!!!!

    Im very excited!!