Fair Assignments for staff on floor.

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    As a staff nurse, I came here to see how you, as a manager, ensure that assignments are fair when assigning teams to your floor nurses. I have noticed, that I tend to always get to the worse assignment on the floor. I'm really getting tired of this and need to find a way to approach my manager, whom I like very much, about my frustration. Please don't say I'm whining. I don't mind taking my fair share of the work. I'm just wondering if there are any solutions to this where buddy's can't set up their buddy's anymore so that they get the easier assignments? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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    Our assignments are not made by the nurse manager, but by the charge nurses on the unit. Maybe making a suggestion to your manager of trying a new process: having the charge nurses do the assignments instead to fairly distribute the high acuity patients. Good luck

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