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Career Advice......Please!

  1. 0 I have been in leadership/management for the last 5 years. I would like to go back to school; either mba/msn or mba/mha. I know I will not be able to handle going back to school in my current position (like many of you, i'm sure, it is not uncommon for me to put in 60-65 hours a week) in addition to the demands of my family life, (my husband travels frequently for his job). I am considering leaving my position, going back to staff nursing, and going back to school part-time, or quitting altogether to go back to school full-time.

    Setting finances aside, my question for the group is, would you hire someone back into management who has left to go back to school?

    I would appreciate any feedback.

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    Yes, absolutely. Get your education!!!
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    Quote from mta1976
    Yes, absolutely. Get your education!!!
    100% agree.
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    Absolutely. Any manager worth working for realizes that working full time while going to graduate school is not always a practical approach.