Black Nurse Leaders

  1. 0 Hello at all Black Nurse Leaders,
    I participate in a Leadership Institute for Black Nurses and Stroke Prevention/Cardiovascular Health projects.

    Thanks everyone,
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    This is a confusing post. Are you needing something from us?

    If so, when you say "Black Nurse Leaders" do you mean those of us who hold Staff Nurse positions that are more senior/advanced within the hopsital setting with no real leardership responsibilities as far as HR is concerned? For example, Staff Nurse IV is a desgnation I know of that comes to mind, where the nurse makes more, is in charge at times, might be respected by others so he/she is a go-to-nurse, but does not hold a position within management. Or when you say "Black Nurse Leaders" do you mean those of us in actual management positions?
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    Is this referring to race? Cause what does color have to do with leadership?
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