Any Emergency Room Nurse Managers Here?

  1. I would be interested in some insight into an ER Nurse Manager's day. What it is you do, what you are accountable for, etc. What meetings do you attend? How many hours in an average week for you, and how big is your ER?

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  3. by   runneRN
    I am an ER Nurse Nurse manager. I have been in this position since 2000.My ER is a level III and an inner city ER. I am accountable for the day- to day activities of the department- customer service, budget, PI,staffing and behavior management of my employees.I wear scrubs because I jump in and do patient care when needed. I have a 24/7 acoountabilityand work roughly 50 hours/week.We have 17 total beds and see roughly 38,000 patient /year.

    As for the meetings- they pertain to the areas I listed above.