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A couple of months ago a cna who is a good friend of mione went to answer a bathroom call light when the patient attacked her. Noone knew of his pschotic episodes. It was about 2 am the family had just left to go to the... Read More

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    thank you for all your posts,
    I tried to talk my friend into consulting a lawyer, I think she is just trying to put everything behind her, if it were me i would sue. Linda is still in the denying phase, i think if she feels she doesn't talk about it, it will go away.
    The hospital i work at is fairly big in a small community, they are the largest employer in the county, and i'm sure all the local laywers are in their pocket. This incident never hit the papers, usually one sneezes in this town and it hits the local papers. I worked for a large metropolitan hospital til moving out here three years ago and don't understand why they don't protect their employees. If i was put in the same situation, i would fight the patient if i had to.
    Don't misunderstand me i knew of the dangers working in the health field,(worked for 24 years) had to battle many demented patients and know my nurses code of ethics, but i think of what would happen to my three girls if i was impaired or killed related to patient abuse.

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    Check out:

    Nurse Advocate
    is dedicated to the recognition and resolution of workplace violence experienced by nurses; in support of those who have experienced violence, and, in memory of those who have died.

    Consider calling PSNA and talking the the Nursing Practice director:
    Fax: 717-657-3796
    Phone: 717-657-1222
    Toll Free: 1-888-707-7762
    or send e-mail: mcampbell@psna.org

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