Unhappy w/ penaltive geared management

  1. I need a safe place to vent so here goes....

    I work at a non teaching hospital. In middle of the night when we need orders or a higher opinion we call the PA or NP on call for our floor. Some of the PAs & NPs are very condescedning. Ive had a few times where I have asked the house officer (the PA or NP on call) to take a look at a pt who seems to be decompensating or seems septic. In the decompensating situation the PA did come to see my pt but waved it off. In the morning we called a code on that pt. The septic pt ended up becoming hypotensive in the A.M. so I RRT'd him. In both situations the emergency could have been avoided by the PA doing some more aggresive interventions. The other PAs/NPs have very abrasive attitudes and tease that "I cause trouble". I've been a nurse for almost 2 years now and find this joking around to be very insulting.
    In general, I find bedside nursing to be very stressful and demanding. I take care of 7 to 8 pts each night on a tele floor. Our pts are very sick. Most are on drips of some kind. Being in an affluent population, the pts can also be very demanding. All this adds to the pressure on me, the nurse.
    All this was manageable for some time (about a year), but I'm burning out and its only been 2 years total. Our floor's management writes our nurses up for anything you can think of. I see what people have been written up for and its unreal. The real issues go untouched but the minute silly things get explored. Our management is not good. The nurses get blamed for just about everything. When I started at my hospital there were multiple nurses who had been there for some time. They were the more experienced nurses. Now those nurses have all transferred, quit, or have been asked to leave ("resigned"). This has caused poor morale for me. With only 2 years of experience I am one of the more senior nurses.
    All of this plus more has made me doubt bedside nursing for me. I like a challenge and I also love making a difference and touching the lives of my pts, but all the behind the scenes aggravation has gotten to me.

    Does anyone else feel like this? And if so, are you going to stick it out? If so, what's the best way to keep my head down and not cause waves? I want to fly low, stay to myself, and just care for my pts without all this administrative nonsense. The attending Physicians are usually obnoxious and impossible to get a hold of and the handwriting and errors make nursing even more difficult.

    Advice? .... Anything?

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