Tonight I walked in on my pt...

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    masturbating. I know it's a fact of life but I'm completely grossed out. I was just doing my hourly rounding. Behind the curtain all I could see was his legs shaking, looked like he was having a seizure so I rushed over to the bed. What a surprise for the both of us. Feeling like I need to go shower right now.

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    Makes you want to bleach your eyes, doesn't it? I've walked in on pts masturbating, pts having sex, parents having sex while the pt was asleep next to never ends.
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    Considering the rudeness and pitiful self-destructive behaviors I have witnessed from patients, a little hand to gland combat ain't a thang.
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    I felt the same way!
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    I too have walked in and found this going as well. I just close the curtain and go on my merry way! Compared to other things they could be doing, this one isn't the worse!! I just make sure that they wash their hands afterwards!

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    Honestly, why is it gross? (Rhetorical question) Uncomfortable yes, I will give anyone that. But, it sounds like he was doing it in privacy and without an audience. It probably bought him some relief and comfort to being in the hospital. (Yea, I am waiting for the jokes now on that comment.)
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    agreed, nice nurselpn. I worked with neuro patients before and I have seen the masturbating thing. I do remember the first time I saw that happen and it was a feeling of disgust/shock and I felt dirty for walking in on it; but I agree with nicenurselpn. I don't know what kind of patient that was but it is more common in neuro injury patients.
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    I was doing an admission sheet on a guy in a hospital that had a "Reproductive Health" on the forms in the packet.

    Question 32 Are you sexually active? Pt. "Well I used to be nearly every night, until I lost my thumb in a car accident."

    Mammals can be sooooooo inappriate. I guess I am lucky- I have had lots of patient's in the bathroom when I go in for something- but thank-God they had the courtesy to hide IF that's what was up! (no pun intended) And, 50% of what they do in that bathroom is NONE of my business, . . .

    However it does create a "Risk for Falls R/T . . . I'm going to leave that to the imagination!
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    Working on a tele unit you would sometimes see pts HR skyrocket for no reason. Rush in and voila, working on some man to hand relationship.
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    Honestly, from some of the other posts I've read on here- be glad he didn't ask you to do it for him.

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