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Wondering how others would deal with this situation. I am a nurse who recently started working on a very small unit at a different facility. One of the nurses there picks at me and corrects me... Read More

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    I have noticed this same thing occurring to me, because I am quiet and nonconfrontational. Some people like to do this because they have some deep-seated emotional problems and this helps them blow off steam. But they can just keep on doing it and doing it, and one day, they are going to get it all handed back to 'em.:angryfire BTW, Applescrufette, I liked what you said to your co-worker regarding the phone call situation. I would have said the EXACT same thing. Just perfect!

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    I've worked with people like this, and they are poison.

    The next time she tries to correct you...just don't even respond. Just look at her and say, "How has your day been? We sure are busy!"

    Do the same if she starts talking about other co-workers. Even better, if she starts talking about "Julie", interrupt her and say, "Oh, isn't Julie the sweetest!!!! I just LOVE her!".....whether you mean it or not.

    Trust me...she will stop running her mouth once she realizes she doesn't have an audience.
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    i tend to lean toward humorous sarcasm......when she tells you something you already know i'd probably say.....yep,it's exactly as i remember nursing 101......thanks for the trip down memory'll get a laugh from others around and might even make her feel stupid for picking on you! good luck!
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    I personally would just bluntly let her know that her advice is not welcome. Say it once and walk away. Don't stand there and debate it. Don't sugar coat it with compliments about other stuff - it will loose it's effectiveness. And definitely don't apologize!

    Something like "You know I may be a new nurse here but I not a new graduate and I don't appreciate you trying to tell me how to take care of my patients (or whatever the scenario is)" Then look her start in the eye and then walk away.

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    Appreciate all the responses. I haven't worked with this nurse much, and have been puzzled by her behavior, so have been biting my tongue while trying to figure out what's going on and how to address it.
    I realized tonight that all this started the first night I was charge and worked with this person. The nurse told me what patients she wanted for the night. I did not give her the assignment she wanted, explaining that I had those patients the 2 previous nights and so wanted them back. Then she started in on me on the piddly stuff. This nurse appears to have a scam going with the other nurses where she doesn't have to work much due to how they agree to divide the work up. She also is very friendly with everyone, and others seem to all really like her, but this is probably her scam to lmanipulate the workload, learn all the gossip and pass on her nasty remarks about others.

    So now that I've figured out what the heck her problem is, I'm still trying to figure out how to deal with it. Option 1: assertively respond that I already knew the information. Option 2: sarcasm/humor. Option 3: Have a little chat in private telling her I find her behavior offensive and asking her to knock it off.

    The last shift we worked together, I was tired and wasn't as good at ignoring her. On one stupid remark she made, I laughed and said that I was passive/aggressive (which fit the context of her remark). On another one, when she complained about how I did a task for her, I just gave her a puzzled look like why do you think I didn't know what I was doing?! Next time she wants to pass a task off to me, I'll tell her to do it herself since she doesn't think I'm competent (or something like that).
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    Quote from medsurgrnco
    Sent a PM. Trying to remain anonymous on this forum, and I don't know who reads posts here.
    Hey - found this thread tonight and wanted to comment. I can remember 1 person in particular that I had this type of issue with. It can be "uncomfortable" to say the least. I respect you trying to remain anonymous becauce you are taking the high road asking for opinions on handling this as a professional instead of trashing her. Pleas feel free to pm me if I could be of any assistance.

    Anne, RNC
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