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i was just wondering what everyones weird/ innappropriate encounters with patients where as a nurse (Ex. people touching you weirdly, saying innappropriate things thing you, stuff like that) im in nursing school but know a few... Read More

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    "So you're saying that men masturbate in front of women
    because they are uncomfortable with female care givers
    and instead of asking for a male care giver they act
    inappropriately? Interesting theory.'

    Please don't put words into my mouth to score points. I think
    what I've suggested is pretty clear. It's easy to simplify everything
    with a statement like yours. Female/male interactions in medical
    situations have been studied to some extent. It isn't a simple
    matter. People are complicated. Apparently, you want to reduce
    this discussion to one disturbing incident. It's more complicated
    than that.

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    Quote from MomRN0913
    You seriously think it's appropriate and expected behavior for a guy to masturbate in front of heathcare workers while they are trying to help him because he still has sexual feelings? I guess then it's appropriate for a guy to whip it out in public and start whacking off because he has an urge? Come on now. It should be the last time she ever excounters that, beause if a pt tried that in front of me, I would tell him how highly innappropriate that is and if he wants ot masturbate, he an do that in private. You view on this is disturbing.
    Seriously agree ....

    Some of these comments on this thread have me wondering if I am in the wrong 'profession'
    If a p't does this in front of healthcare workers .... what's his view on this? Getting his thrills for free??
    At least he has to pay a prostitute
    A reflection of lack of respect for nurses and aides .... does he whip it out for the doctor?
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    I have had very few weird encounters with women. I had one want us to rub cream on her vagina, yet she was perfectly capable of washing herself and wiping after toileting. We had one who wanted us to wipe her butt for her, though again She really truly could do it herself - that was more her trying to be degrading, as she would only do it with certain techs. She would actually bend over and reach back to spread her butt cheeks apart.

    I've had men though ask for the women to hold their urinals, even place their penis in it, while asking repeatedly " is it in yet?". They could do it themselves when they had male techs or nurses. I have gotten the penile implant many times. I've had them masturbate ( or try to) while I was in the room, to which I have walked out saying "I see you need some privacy" and pulled the curtain. I've had men ask me to rob cream or lotion on their penises, and have several tell me they have " something wrong down there, can you check it?"

    In general I think men tend to be inappropriate more often. Not always. I have had many vey pleasant patients of both genders and they outnumber the ones who were not. I have had a few other odd encounters with women, but they were all elderly dementia patients, so can't say they even knew what they were doing.
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    The worst I've seen is a resident who also wanted the male aide to rub cream on her labia (she could do it herself if she really needed it) and once a saw a female resident pinch another male aide's butt. A couple of times I've seen women who were really demented masturbating but they did it anywhere, in public, in the bathroom, at activities etc. They didn't wait until they were alone with the nurse or aide. That's it. I've lost count of the number of times I've been pinched and groped and had inappropriate things said to me. Usually the confused women think the male nurses/aides are their husbands but they don't say sexual things to them. Think about generation. Maybe it'll be different with mine. Who knows?

    Ok here's a nice story to be fair. I used to have a male resident who I wasn't allowed to shower (his choice) because I looked like his granddaughter and was "too young." (19.) I thought that was kinda sweet.
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    Yes this thread is very female oriented. No doubt that men show more sexually inappropriate behavior than women, but inappropriate behavior is done by both sexes.
    But it is equally inappropriate to complain about this in nursing homes where the majority of patients are not competent. Even if they seem oriented, they may have lost their ability to recognize inappropriate behavior. A nurse who feels threatened by this or can't respond professionally, should work somewhere else.
    I personally have more trouble dealing with screaming swearing nursing home patients than inappropriate ones. Many if not most of them are women.
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    While I agree with CapeCod's earlier post that it tends to be men who are more
    likely to have these types of 'behaviors' towards staff, I have had a female client
    who was A+0x3 pinch my behind before. I just told her it made me feel uncomfortable
    and asked her not to do it again and she complied.

    These things do happen and should be reported, whether it's a male or a female client.
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    I had a patient ask me to take him on vacation with me. When I refused, he accused me of being a racist.

    I also had a man who spoke primarily Russian try to fix me up with his grandson. Well, that was actually flattering more than inappropriate or weird.

    One time, an elderly confused man grabbed my breasts then went unresponsive. Everyone claims they were "too much for him to handle." Oy vey.
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    Quote from DeLanaHarvickWannabe

    One time, an elderly confused man grabbed my breasts then went unresponsive. Everyone claims they were "too much for him to handle." Oy vey.
    LOL! I just spit my pepsi out everywhere!! Ohhh dear.
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    I worked in LTC for a long time, in a facility where all the residents had dementia, and we had a men's unit for the boys that couldn't behave. Well let me tell you, we should have had a women's unit too. We had some ladies that were straight up NASTY. Half the time the men that got moved to the men's unit were being moved because of an incident that a woman started, we just had nowhere to move her. Sad.
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    Interesting...48 posts and 44 of them are about men being nasty. Why am I not surprised?

    I started off my career working med-surg and I got enough groping, suggestive commentary, and generalized nastiness to last me a life time. I switched to mother/baby about 2 years into my career, and later to peds, primarily so that i would NEVER have to deal with adult male patients again.

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