I'm baffled by the attitudes of abuse in the nursing career....

  1. I just don't really understand. I guess most of that misunderstanding is because I cannot fathom to an extent "taking abuse" because it's "part of my job". While I'm certain that abuse is going to happen at some point in my nursing career (I'm a current nursing student), I read and I have to be honest, I get frequently discouraged hearing that management does not stick up for you guys. Call it naive, but is this really what I can expect going into this career??? To be abused by those who are classified as "sane" or not mentally disturbed and are just jerks? and to report it and have nothing be done...?

    I mean...I understand emotionally/mentally disturbed patients...but, does everyone else really have an excuse?

    I don't even see MANY articles in the news about patients or those higher up in healthcare abusing nurses. Most stories are about the patients being abused! I just don't think there's enough light shed on it. I'm sure some can agree.
    I'm not here to disrespect the nursing community because I surely hope to be apart of it one day, but I can only hope that there are places out there where management does care, and that abuse is not taken lightly. I've always known the hospital is considered a "business" but ethics definitely needs to come into play somewhere. I would hope anyway...

    Thanks for the replies guys.
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