If Nursing were a movie, here are the characters ...

  1. Nurses, patients, MDs

    WARNING : THIS IS POLITICALLY INCORRECT. In fact, it's likely to offend quite a few people who may have no sense of humor.


    "Know it all" Nancy: just like her nickname, knows everything. Cuts you off in report, doesn't let you finish, and is condescending

    "Aging" Anna: very experienced nurse but has reached a point in her career where it may do everyone a favor to retire (sorry!) or take up a different nursing area...seems to take the most and longest breaks


    Dr.McFlirty Pants: middle aged Md that flirts with nearly every attractive/semi attractive health care provider under the same hospital roof

    Dr.Whenwillyouretire: the name explains it. Enjoy your retirement!

    Dr. Downtoearth: awesome MD with great patient care. Works well with nearly everyone. Easily approachable. A rare find.

    Dr.Handsome: smart, handsome, nice. And married (of course!).


    "Pain seeking" Pam: Dilaudid with benadryl IVP q4h ON THE DOT! any later, s/he will report you to admin!!

    That's all i have now but theres plenty more fo sho. That's all i have now as well as all the patience i have typing all this on my phone...
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