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  1. So I'm a nurse of five years with clinic and home health experience. I just started working for the internal medicine clinic roughly six months ago. They hired me on to work one on one with a provider, but her nurse wanted to come back, so they put me as a float nurse in a completely different "pod" or group of nurses, if you will.
    So the nurses that I work with all have focuses in different areas ( GI, Urology, nephrology, etc) I am supposed to learn their desk and their provider and cover for them when they need or have scheduled days off. Some days I am just covering their phones due to provider being out, some days you run their clinic. Either way, you answer phones, refills, rooming patients, cleaning, etc. I mean the list goes on! I like to work, don't get me wrong. But it's been almost six months now, and I've screwed up a few times. I've owned it, but man do I get to go to the dog house for a long time!!! Of course I'm new to the area, it's a relatively small community, and most of these nurses have been there for 10+ years. if I make a judgement call when they are gone- then I had no business because I'm new, but if I let something go and wait till they return then I'm not doing my job. If I keep asking what they want me to do with simple tasks ( so they don't get angry that I "stepped out of bounds") then I'm uneducated.....I need this job. How do I get through this initiation process?
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  3. by   Been there,done that
    That sounds like a great opportunity. Has your new position been created out of thin air... or is there a job description in place?

    It sound like they don't want to lose you, but don't exactly know HOW to utilize you. You need to go up the chain of command for direction as to how to fulfill this variety of duties.

    Until you get those bugs worked out, maintain a calm, cool professional exterior. Don't ask for direction with the simpler tasks.
    When you are confronted with a previous judgement call, let them know you are floating , used your professional judgement and will apply their criticism to the next situation.( If you have any doubt on a judgement call.. who could you go to?)

    Good luck, keep us posted.