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Ever have a patient work your very last nerve? - page 2

I had a patient yesterday that truly must've thought I was his audience at the comedy club. He had such a snarky sarcastic attitude, a really dumb sense of humor, and wasn't funny. He made obnoxious... Read More

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    Easier for me to count the patients that didn't work a nerve
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    I just turn off the vent if they **** me off
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    I admit I really don't have a sense of humor so I give a blank look when something is funny to everyone else. I do laugh of course but something has to be super funny in order for me to do so.

    So usually with these types of patients I give them the blank look. And when they tell me that was a joke I still give them the blank look and continue on with what I need to do. Works 100% for me. Or if they are being super obnoxious or mean I tell them I will not tolerate that behavior.

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    If a patient is well enough to act up, he certainly doesn't need to be in the hospital.......
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    Quote from VivaLasViejas
    If a patient is well enough to act up, he certainly doesn't need to be in the hospital.......
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    Too bad that we don't have the authority to discharge these ding-a-lings.
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    It's not so much the patients that upset me but more so the FAMILY!!!! They will come and stand in the hall waiting for you to snap and have an attitude because "my sister needs her pain medication, she's sick do something!!!" First of all I can't do anything because I'm not a nurse just a cna...for now and second of all stop acting like your sister is the only patient here when there's 15 other sick patients some who are wayyyyyy more sick than your sister! UGH! LOL
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    I didnt have this pt , but my co-worker did. pt is 90 something yrs old. family member makes it very well known she is a lawyer. says if anything happens ( ie- pt dies) you will all have he double hockey sticks to pay!! Really?????? That worked my nerve and they werent even mine. But I guess had they been mine, I would have had to offer the blank slate/face treatment, and proceed to document my behind off.
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    My nursing motto is "never let them see you sweat." With obnoxious patients or family, I go into servant mode; cool, efficient, and utterly unshakable. Sometimes it makes people madder, but most people stop trying when they can't get a reaction.
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    Quote from proud nurse
    I had a patient yesterday that truly must've thought I was his audience at the comedy club. He had such a snarky sarcastic attitude, a really dumb sense of humor, and wasn't funny. He made obnoxious comments and was clearly trying to see how far he could go before he ticked me off.

    When he could tell he was skating on thin ice with me, he even said "don't go into some corner and cry now, I was only joking." I told him, "you're giving yourself too much credit, my skin is a lot thicker than that."

    2 hours into the shift I couldn't stand this man, and it took all my mama taught me to keep from telling him something.
    We recently got a patient to the floor that was transferred from another floor because they couldn't take anymore of this patient. Her nursing home won't take her back because she called 911 for herself without notifying the staff. The nursing home won't take her back because they considered her move to be going AMA. She is a quad and can tie up staff for long periods of time. If she doesn't get what she wants, she will lay on the call light every minute until someone comes in to attend to what capricious demands she has for that moment. She will tell the nurses how to administer her meds through her IV and even how to mix the med and diluent. She won't eat the hospital food but wants some to feed her chips one by one. Nursing homes in five counties won't take her in either; she's burned a few bridges. There is little can be done to apease this patient. Personally, I've taken up praying for patience.
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    I've had patients like that, though usually it's the family members that get me going. I've also had a Dr. come to my "rescue" with a family member who thought that his wife getting discharged right this second was a higher priority than a code that had been occurring earlier and had delayed their d/c. Pt husband was getting all nasty and snarky with me & I was desperately trying to get things done so I could get the man out of my hospital. Dr. overhead him giving me a hard time and just flat went off on the man and told him to sit down & be quiet and that he better be nice to the nursing staff.

    Made my day to see the look on the mans face.
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    I wonder about patients like the OP described. I think that the particular patient, that is how he is (sadly). He knew how to (try to) calm her down about crying in the corner so he knew what he was doing. I have an huge interest in Psych and these types make me wonder if they might have Borderline Personality Disorder or maybe Narcissistic Personality Disorder. Sure, patients can be cranky they are sick but these ones cross the line.

    Just a thought. I am NOT diagnosing anyone!!!
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    A couple of days ago I typed out a long answer to this post but deleted it because I felt it was too much info/too negative but legendarylady's post reminded me of this patient so strongly I will share just a tidbit. This patient was fully able to feed herself but insisted that a nurse had to stand at her bedside holding her pills (approximately 97 of them) a cup of juice and a cup of milk. She would only put one pill in her mouth at a time and insisted on having a sip of juice and then a sip of milk after every individual pill. If the nurse refused these shenanigans she would call her family and tell them that we were denying her her medications. Never mind that this person was in the hospital basically because her family couldn't stand her anymore, they would come in and scream at the poor soul who was saddled with mom. Oh, and we were the second floor to have her, and we received and transferred her for the express purpose "we need to give the nurses on X a break." Lol, the memory still gives me a feeling of helpless rage, and this was probably 5 years ago.
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