Endorsing to next shift...sorry!

  1. I had a really horrible 2 nights in a row...but the subject at hand is endorsing to the next shift..how much is too much?
    This post is part vent/part question. I work nights 7p-7a and who says nights are NOT busy? We admit, we discharge, less family and doctors to deal with but there is still 24 hour chart checks, making sure all the correct meds and the frequency and amount are given (there have been a number of times I've found errors) in the MARs.

    Last night I had a DC and an admission, blood transfusion, bowel prep, picc line dressing change, f/u with consents bc a pt had no emergency contact listed (confused and a nsg home pt) for a colonoscopy/egd, etc. It wasn't until giving report to the AM nurse I realized that my pt was scheduled to have aa liver aspiration biopsy and I was such a dummy I forgot to get consent from the pt!! The pt was Spanish speaking only and the spanish speaking nurses were already giving report ( so too busy) or they already left. I also had to endorse that the IV site is due for a change on the same pt (the site was patent but it's our hospital policy to change q3days. And the other pt w/no emergency contact I notified the PMD but not the Ordering MD re:the consent. I informed my supervisor but they stated I didn't have to call the ordering md that night, that it was ok to wait until the procedure and inform the OR nurse...in hindsight I should have called the ordering MD anyway...

    So I felt terrible endorsing all this. The AM nurse said I needed to get the consent and start the new iv site, but I said no I couldn't bc I don't speak spanish and it was already 25 min OT.

    Anyway, I wish I could tell her sorry, especially if I sounded like such a b*. I have to work on my time management. 12hours I felt wasn't enough! I feel like a failure and the AM nurse must think I'm an idiot!
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