Can you guys give me tips on how to deal with various attitudes in the workplace?Pls!

  1. when it's time to get report:
    • some nurses are just like not gonna say anything. I dont know if they understood or not what I just said and when I ask if they have questions and most of the time they wont because I try to give the whole point, they're just gonna shake their head and look at me like how dare me ask them if they have questions. Like i'm attacking them if I asked if they got it? How do you deal with intimidating silence and meanness during report time?
    • and then some nurse maybe they're dead or something, i'm perfectly sure i sound very clear but asks me to repeat it a couple of times, is it okay to tell them to listenbetter? i guess i'll do that
    • why do some nurses like to intimidate, i tend to get intimidated because they just act so hateful sometimes, how do i not get intimidated?
    • when do you set limits? in what situations, even not in the workplace? I'm so terrible with this I get pushed around by people maybe i'm emotionally undeveloped i probably am because i grew up alone but i know i'm a kind person and young and kind is not good in the workplace i realize people are nasty. i'm getting real disillusioned with humanity maybe there's a better place in the world but it can prolly be counted in one hand.
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  4. by   momof3nurse
    Well, I have had many environments where I loved my job but some woman really tested me. You will grow from this experience. Focus on you and your quality of work. I out worked many difficult bosses woman and men and peers. Eventually when they see you can not be bullied, they move on to another victim or find a new job themselves. Certain cases I’ve seen supervisors removed (not fired), which I enjoyed. Only once did I feel that I would be better off leaving my position, but it was after the birth of my son and other factors made it necessary. Good luck, stay strong. Stay true to yourself and don't treat anyone the way you have been treated. Learn from others mistakes.
  5. by   nrsang97
    If you give report and ask if there are questions and they say nothing then say "I take it you have no questions."

    If you get the nurse who questions everything and throws you off while giving report say "Please let me finish and you can ask questions at the end."

    If you have to keep repeating yourself simply state "I have told you this two times already, Yes Mrs.Jones has been NPO after midnight for her cardiac cath."

    Most of all what momof3nurse said focus on yourself and your work. Stand up for yourself when needed.