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Any EMT Paramedic Nurses? NCLEX vs NREMT

  1. 0 Hi I am an EMT and very familiar with how challenging the NREMT is. I just wanted to know if there are any Paramedic/EMT Nurses out there who have taken both tests and can compare the difficulty and critical thinking of both! Wich one was harder? Wich one involved more critical thinking? Did you feel that NREMT prepared you for what to expect taking NCLEX.


    Thanks in advance for input!
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    I am an LPN as well as an EMT. I found the critical thinking in both areas VERY different, as the scopes and goals are like night and day. For the EMT do NOT overthink it--and brush up on your protocol, as that is a huge focus--akin to delegation on the NCLEX. Pre-hospital care and hospital care are very different, and I literally felt a bit off the mark when I was going off on "nursing tangents" as opposed to just sticking with the EMT protocol. NCLEX-PN for me goes more in depth--NCLEX for RN's would perhaps be more theory--there's no theory in EMT--it is protocol. So although the basics of anatomy and body systems would be similar, that is probably where it ends in similarity. Hope that makes sense and best of luck!!
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    Thanks for the reply!!!
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    I found the NCLEX harder, but the NREMT gives you a good idea about the style of questions.
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    I'm an EMT-B and an LPN. I found the EMT-B NREMT test pretty straight forward and not at all like the NCELX (with the exception being both are multiple choice). The NREMT test in my opinion it was much easier than the NCLEX. I'd rather take the NREMT yearly than have to take the NCLEX once

    Then again I'm so thankful that the NCLEX doesn't involve a skills test! That skill test for the NREMT made me almost lose lunch!

    I think comparing the two is like comparing apples and oranges...both fruit, both citrus, but so very different.