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Watts School of Nursing Pre-Admissions Test

  1. 0 I just got my results, have to retest in August; really disappointed with myself. Does anyone on here have any helpful suggestions for my next attempt?
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    Dont go to Watts lol
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    move to NC state nursing programs for best response
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    I think most people past the second time around. I believe the test questions remain the same. I just remember answering as many questions I could and skipped the ones I didn't know. Do you have to retake both sections?
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    i am taking my test for the first time tuesday...really nervous any advice> im super nervous! i've been studying for 3 months straight!!! && i have a different book well its the same book title but different author! so when everyone keeps saying the book helps will mine help too???
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    I am taking the exam on July 2nd and I am really nervous!!!!! I have been studying the recommended text Master the Nursing school exams 18th edition.