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UND accelerated BSN

  1. 0 This is a quiet part of the site, so I'm not sure anybody's out there! But I was wondering if anyone has attended or is attending UND's accelerated BSN program? I have a degree in another field, but I've decided to pursue nursing. I've looked at a bunch of schools, but I live in North Dakota, so this is my cheapest option. Plus, I'm wary about moving somewhere with a higher cost of living when I'm already going to be shelling out money for tuition.

    If there is anyone familiar with it, is it a good program? Is there a lot of clinical time? I saw that there's a six-week practicum in the final semester, and that sounded like a good time to gain experience. I also saw that there's an option for a co-op, which I assume is geared toward the traditional students, but are accelerated students allowed to do one part time?

    Thanks a bunch!
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    I'm also curious!