rn new grad pay in north dakota? rn new grad pay in north dakota? | allnurses

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rn new grad pay in north dakota?

  1. 0 Just curious about rn new grad pay in north dakota?
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    HI! I am also intested in knowing this, especially in Bismarck?? Any Bismarck GN out there that know what the base pay is now??
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    It depends were you work, in nursing homes you will make more, in hospitals and clinics you will make less. My friend just graduated with her 2 year RN she works in a nursing home at $26/hr
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    where in Bismarck? Just curious. what's the name of the nursing home? thanks
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    starting salary in 2009 was 22.87 in GFK, ND
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    Anybody have any recent payscale info specific to Minot?