Possibly moving to Fargo - New grad

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    Hey guys:

    I am possibly going to be moving to the Fargo area. I am a new grad (BSN) from UTHealth in Houston, TX. Any insight to the job market (demand, new grad pay, ect) would be helpful.

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    Hello there,
    Were you offered a job in Fargo, do you have family near there, roommate/s lined up, or is this sort of a whim? Unless you have enough money saved up, I would not recommend going out there immediately. I am all for taking risks, but you will need straighten out and gain some resources (if they are not currently available.) You might even be able to get a phone interview before making that big leap. Perhaps you already have some ideas covered, and I would love to hear them! I am thinking about going out there next June and I would like some advice/stories. PM or reply to the post. Thanks!

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