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Career prospects in ND?

  1. 0 Hello people of North Dakota! How is the job market for new nurses?
    Thank you in advance!
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    I'd say this state is definitely one of the more "new grad friendly" states Depending on where you're from though, a starting pay rate in the $20s might be a little low for some, but the experience makes up for it to some too.
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    I spoke with nurse recruiters from St Alexius and Sanford, they all hire New Grads and the starting /base is $22.75 and previous health care experience is not taken into consideration, all New Grads have the same base pay. st Alexius has a Job Fair on the 5th of September. Hope this helps you.
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    do they offer an moving bonus?
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    It is low from what i know. I started with 26/hr but im in canada. I was just wondering to if they match your rate there in ND if im coming from a canadian province