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  1. does anyone have info about the psych unit at Forsyth Medical Center? i'm just wondering how big it is and if they offer the weekend option. thanks!
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  3. by   Toptalent

    Can anybody out there help me? I'm trying to assist a client in filling a position for a quality specialist. She thinks she needs someone with "clinical nursing experience" for the job. The job is with a medical lab who handles organs for transplant. The person will be primarily monitoring websites for updates in regulations and writing procedures to ensure they are compliant. They may also do some "audits" at the hosptials with whom they do business. Ok, here's my she going to be able to get anyone with that background for her salary range of low to mid thirties in Winston Salem NC? If not (and I suspect I know the answer), then what types/titles of medical staff might be a bet for her?

  4. by   Elenaster

    You could probably get an RN for that salary if the hours are good and the job is not physically demanding. Perhaps you should advertise in the W-S journal.