Wilmington, NC - Job hunting - need place to stay

  1. 0 Dear Fellow Nurses:

    I've been trying to find a job in Wilmington for a few months now. I have come on separate occasions for interviews, to no avail. As you can imagine - hotel stays can get expensive, and I'm trying to save all I can for my upcoming move @ the end of September. My goal is to come for a week to a week & 1/2 the week after next (which just so happens to be my b-day...I wish I wasn't spending it pounding the pavement, but 1st things 1st, right?!) to do what I can & benefit from being in town vs. living 3 hrs away & trying to pull things together. It seems strange (unsafe even) to approach it from this angle - but, does anyone have a spare room they would be willing to rent for a week or so during that time frame (8/26-? 1 wk or so)? I could be quiet as a mouse, & cleaner for sure! If you do not, do you have any suggestions? I'm open to them all Thanks in advance!
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