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  1. Greetings NC! My husband has recently found employment in NC (Raleigh/Durham) area. My main expertise is Emergency Nursing (3 years). I'm looking to go ER/ICU. I won't be moving until the month of June. My question is, when do you think I should be applying to open positions? My fear is that I will be lost in a sea of new grads all vying for those positions as they are about to graduate. I also am not quite clear on whether I need to obtain a NC license as I have a VA license (which is a compact state.)

    Any advice would be helpful! For the record I'm looking at WakeMed and Duke currently.
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  3. by   QuanaBSN
    New grads shouldn't interfere with you because they have a new grad job posting. You're already an experienced nurse so you would apply to a specific position. NC is included in the compact state so you would be licensed here.