What type of patients do they have in OBSERVATion unit at wakemed

  1. 0 I need feedback regarding the working environment at wakemed especially in obervation unit.weekend differential
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    I have a friend who accepted a job there- Nurse Manager said there are some psych patients. It is closely tied to ED, mostly patients who just need to be watched before they are allowed to go home. WakeMed shift differentials are good- I think it is around $10 an hour for weekend days. This just changed and I am going by word of mouth of my friends who have taken jobs there. Duke Raleigh's surgical floor- I think the nurse patient ratio is supposed to be 5 or 6 patients per nurse. Shift differential for weekend days is $4.50/hr. Good luck. I hope I remembered these right, but I thought I would chime in if you didn't get a reply.
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    thank you so much....i really appreciate the feedback

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