What do LPN's do in long term care? What do LPN's do in long term care? | allnurses

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What do LPN's do in long term care?

  1. 0 I just came from OK where the LPN's are the charge nurses in the nursing homes. Are they in NC or do they have a RN over them? I didn't like being the charge nurse and want to be under someones wing So what do LPN's do in the nursing homes? What are their duties? How does it work? Thanks.
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    I worked in LTC for about 5 years. During the day, the DON was considered charge. Afternoons and night, each LPN/RN on duty was considered "charge" on her/his particular hall/unit. You did not have to have an RN in house. Don't know if that has changed, been out of LTC for about 4 years. Hope this helps!