Update...on Job search....am HIRED!! Update...on Job search....am HIRED!! | allnurses

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Update...on Job search....am HIRED!!

  1. 0 I wanted to say thank you for the input on my last post...i will not happy..

    I was losing hope, but stuck with applying..and got the offer at CMC..on the floor I truly wanted...ty LORD
    I go in the morning , in a few hrs for the health screening...but start date is 5-16-11...

    To all: it took a month and a half for this offer...but I waited and now I am very happy! Truly humble..and thankful..
    this will be my 1st time working in a hospital...so excited! Well going to try and rest..but really excited...

    Good Luck...to all who is still looking...don't give up!
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    I am glad to hear that you have finally been hired! I hope you like it. Congratulations!
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    CONGRATS!!!!! I'm soooo happy for you!
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    Truly thank you all!!..(:
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    CONGRATS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ....and to be on the floor that you wanted!!!! YAYYY!!!