UNC per diem job worth it?!!

  1. Hi I live an hour away from UNC but I would love to experience and grab the opportunity working in a teaching hospital.I need your thoughts in getting a per diem job in their 4 west which is admit discharge unit.I am also interested in their geriatric medicine unit I love old people.I got a full time job and the job at unc is just supplemental.I need your help deciding whether it's worth the drive.Tey are requiring 24 hours in a month.Thank you so much.
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  3. by   will-b-an-RN
    I would say yes if you are trying to get a foot in the door. No if you just want to supplement. You can work anywhere to supplement your income minus the gas it would take you to commute 1hr there and another hr back. JMHO. Good luck with your decisions.
  4. by   stylishgurl
    Thank you do much will I think u are absolutely right God bless You