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  1. Hi all, I'm starting this thread to see if anyone has received a call/email about an interview or has heard anything about when they would be letting us know about interviews. Thanks!
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  3. by   fishe144
    Still waiting. Kind of freaking out. And this is for the Fall 2012 program.
  4. by   chare
    The Fall, 2012 Cohort started orientation this past July, so you definitely should have received notification regarding that. If you did not, it is possible that your application was incomplete. You might want to contact nurse employment at (919) 966-2012, particularly if you are interested in applying for the next new graduate program.

    The Winter, 2013 cohort, application period has not yet opened. According to the UNC Health Care New Graduate Nurse site, that application period will open 24 September, with a projected start date of February 2013.
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  5. by   fishe144
    Oh I'm pretty sure there was a another cohort that started in July because the application for the October cohort wasn't even due until August. I just called today and the recruiter said they're calling people now for the October cohort so fingers crossed.