UNC-CH school of nursing Summer 2011 acceptance

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    Hey Everyone,

    I applied to the first round at UNC-CH school of nursing and am wondering if anyone has heard back from the school. Or know when they should send out acceptance letters. Any thoughts would be appreciated.

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    Decisions should come out mid to late March, the latest being April 15th (they shouldn't take that long though).

    I applied to the first round too! So nervous
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    Is this for the Accelerated BSN? Does anyone know how many times per year UNC Chapel Hill accepts applicants for the ABSN program?
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    I think it's the same as BSN, so they have a May and January matriculation.
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    UNC Chapel Hill just released the new acceptance schedule. Because of state wide budget cuts the nursing school is only accepting ABSN in the Spring and BSN only in the Summer term ( which means now one can only apply once per year). On top of that they have also cut acceptance by 25% to meet the budget.

    All that info can be found on the school of nursing website. Changes went into effect Feb 14th 2011
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    Yes, I am def. nervous. Especially because of the change the nursing school had to implement in order to meet the new budget. According to the letter they released on Feb14th, we should be hearing back by March20th the latest. I think that date may actually be for all applicants, regardless when they sent in the app.
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    Hi again,

    I would agree. Unlike general acceptance to colleges, there's no "early" deadline, so all decision letters go out at the same time. I'm just wondering, do you think they'll get our letters out earlier considering they aren't reviewing any ASBN applications? That's 174 applications they aren't even looking at, so I would assume it would cut down their time to reply...just a thought. I'm getting even more nervous than before, if that's possible!!
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    I really hope it goes faster, because the anxiety is killing me! Since you can only apple once a year, if I don't get in I've gotta figure out a major at UNC. Did you apply anywhere else? What are your grades like?

    Because they cut 25% admission I would think the competition just got a little bit higher, so maybe it will take them the entire time to re- evaluate the best candidates? I don't know... JUST PRAYING I GET IN.
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    I knowww! I didn't apply anywhere else this time because I thought if I didn't get in now I could just reapply in August for January matriculation...now I have to figure out what I'll do for a back up major here at UNC since I'll have a whole year until I could even start (instead of just one semester). This whole situation is just so unfortunate...

    Grades wise, mine aren't great by any means (Carolina science courses are a killer), mostly B's and A's. I have a lot of EC stuff I hope they take into consideration though since my GPA isn't stellar. But seeing as though it will most likely be more competitive this cycle, I really don't think I stand a chance.

    I was thinking if I didn't get a BSN from here I could just do a direct entry program into a MSN program after college, but that would put off my dream of entering the nursing field even longer. I have no idea what I'm going to do!
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    Hi everyone,

    I also applied to the BSN program at UNC for the summer. I'm still a bit confused as to how these new changes will actually affect those who applied to the program. Their plan is to accept 96 students to the BSN program for the summer. This is up from about 70 students who were previously expected to matriculate. So at first, it seems like those who applied to the BSN program would have a better chance of getting in this time around. The only thing is I'm wondering whether they will allow any applicants who submitted an ABSN application to now be considered for the BSN track? I tried getting a response for this question, but the person I spoke with did not have a good answer for me. If that's the case, then I would imagine that a good number of the ABSN applicants would take up this offer. I'm wondering if anyone has heard anything relating to this?

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