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I just wanted to see if anyone was applying for UNC-Chapel Hill's BSN program starting in May 2013!... Read More

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    You just gave me a heart attack. I'm a second degree applicant but I just sprinted to my mailbox and frantically checked my.unc....nothing yet. Still says "decision not yet available," and nothing in the mailbox. Tomorrow? Monday? Sometime next week? Argggh!
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    Congrats ajchir!....I just checked and it says decision not made yet!!!! Argggggh!
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    No decision for me either:/ agggghhh good luck everyone!!
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    No news here either, the waiting it driving me batty. I am driving my self crazy fretting over this admission decision. UNC is and always has been my dream and my #1 choice! I got waitlisted for Duke and was crushed and became even more worried about my acceptance chances to UNC. Here are some bulletpoints about my academics/experience. I'm a 2nd degree student B.S. Biology, minor Psychology, 6+ years of clinical experience working as a CNA in rural and private health clinics, Volunteer work and co-coordinator for farmworker health program. I wish everyone the best of luck and i hope that everyone who has posted if offered admission good luck to all my fellow nurses
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    Yea, I second the heart attack statement. I felt my pulse sky-rocket when I read it. I'm hoping non-UNC students get our letters next week. Since I get on this page at lease twice a day, non-UNC students, please post when you recieve your letters... Congratulations ajchir!!!
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    SON said my UNC will update next week... sigh.
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    I got in!!!! I worked a 12hr shift today (CNA) and my letter was in the mailbox when I got home! It is not a very big envelope so I had another heart attack before I opened it, but the first word was "Congratulations!" I'm a second degree student but I live in Chapel Hill so maybe it just got here super fast my.unc is still not updated. The letter says it will be updated in the next week, so for those who haven't gotten letters yet, check your mailbox on Monday; they are on the way! Good luck everyone! I am sending lots of good vibes! Not even dook can bring me down tonight!
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    CONGRATS!!! hooray! Do you mind sharing your GPA?
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    Thank you!!! And sure: I graduated from UNC with a BA in Psych in August 2012. I had a 3.5 cumulative GPA. I took my pre-req's at a community college and my "science GPA" was a 4.0.
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    I got my letter today! Very exciting... I am a little bummed that they give you such short notice to decide : /
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    Congrats, earlgreylavender and kelsey939.

    Nail biting anticipation over here......hurry mail, please! LOL
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    Kelsey, how far from Chapel Hill do you live?! I'm trying not to watch my mailbox...this is driving me crazy!!

    Good luck everyone!
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    Funny you should say that, I'm on a stake-out in front of my mom's mailbox right now!! This wait is nerve-racking.
    Congrats Kelsey939