Tmc nursing open house

  1. 0 Hello New Grads & Experienced RNs,

    I just wanted to let you know of a newspaper posting I found. There will be an open house for New grads and experienced RNs for Thomasville Medical Center in Thomasville, NC on Thursday, November 17th from 4 - 6pm drop-in in the Senior Link Room. Openings are for: Nursing Resources Team (Float), Behavioral Health, ICU, Med/Surg, Perioperative, & ER. It states to bring your resume and you will be able to speak with Nurse Managers from each of these departments. HR ph #336-476-2495 for more info.

    I hope this is beneficial for some of you. It is a small hospital but you can at least get the experience and later on use that to transfer elsewhere??? I myself love working for a small hospital and had planned to transfer after 6 months but now going on my 2nd year and don't plan on leaving anytime soon!

    Good luck!
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