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For those who recently graduated, I am curious as to the timeline it took from when your school sent notification to the state board, until it showed online, and then until you received your ATT to take the NCLEX. Also how long... Read More

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    Quote from airborneinf82
    Got my ATT today and there was an opening tomorrow at 0800 to take the NCLEX!
    So are u taking it tomorrow?

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    @ Community_Health_RN - thanks for your timeline, thats really helpful!!
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    No problem. Let me know if you have any more questions. Your ATT should be issued any time now. Best of luck!
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    Quote from rosalita425
    ah! were there alot of other openings coming up? when your transcripts were received, did it just say received under all the categories or did you get like an 'application complete' message? My transcripts were receieved yesterday, so I am hoping to finally get that number alreadyy
    So a little late in responding. I imagine that you have hopefully already gotten your ATT. I know once mine showed as received it was a day or 2 until I got my ATT.
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    Quote from Casey, RN
    So are u taking it tomorrow?
    Yup I took it the next day. It was a little stressful because I hadn't started studying since I figured I had more time, but got in a few practice questions to get back in to the mindset and passed with 75 Q's so that was good!

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