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Should I chose CMC or Presbyterian

  1. 0 I need to pick between job offers from cmc and presbyterian by next week. Any tips or advice such as- comparison of nurse to pt ratios- most liked by the community (customer service)- pay differences- happiness of staff-any help is appreciated. I just want to make the right choice becuse I intend on stay put for a while dont want to have to change jobs again any time soon. thanks.
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    well which one did you choose?

    hopefully you're happy with your choice!
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    I would love to be in your shoes! I'm a December grad doing the whole application thing right now. If you don't mind me asking, did you go to school/work in Charlotte already? All I've heard is how impossible it is to get into CMC or Presby... it sounds like you did it right. If you didn't already live/work there, what sort of experience made you stand out so well? Hope your first year has been a good one!