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    Hey everyone! I am currently a postpartum and L&D nurse in Iowa but looking to move in 1.5 years once i have 3 years experience. I am mostly considering anywhere in southeast U.S. but am open to other suggestions. I just want to broaden my horizons a bit. I love the unit I work for many reasons; great teamwork, birthing suites pts stay from admission until discharge, ability to be cross trained in PP and LD, 1:1 nurse: pt ratio for labor pts, high census: average 26,000 babies per year, and a level ll nicu. I am trying to find a unit with most of these qualities. Any information will be well appreciated In relation to the unit, the hospital, salary, and city. Thanks everyone!

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    Wow 26,000 births a year!!
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    26,000 births a year!? Is that right? I just did the math and that is an average of 71 babies a day! My unit is considered busy in our area, and we average 2400 a year.
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    I should have also that everything else you mentioned is similar in my unit, except that we have a level 3 nicu. But I'm in the Midwest too, so I don't think that is what you are looking for!

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