Rowan Cabarrus or Mercy - evening/weekend programs

  1. I am researching schools now because I am a single mom and work FT, therefore I need a night/weekend program. I went to Rowan Cabarrus (RCCC) and they told me that they only offer the night/weekend program every other year so that scares me a bit, although its a little closer to me than Mercy (and a LOT cheaper).

    I havent spoken to anyone at Mercy yet but going off their catalog it looks like their evening/weekend program is a lot more established, but their tuition is also a lot more and its farther from me.

    Does anyone know of pros or cons of either of these two schools? Anyone have any experience with the evening/weekend programs?
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  3. by   emptyboxcars
    I was not aware there was another school other than Mercy that offers PT weekend/evening programs. I'm definitely going to look into Rowan Cabarrus. Thank you for posting this! I can only say I've heard good things about Mercy, but that they're very tough on you and focus more on clinicals vs. classroom. I'll be watching this thread to read other people's reviews....