RN-MSN @ UNC-Chapel Hill Personal Statement Essays

  1. Hi there everyone!,
    I hope that your new year is off and running wonderfully. I am in the process of completing my personal statement for the RN-MSN program at UNC-Chapel Hill. Wondering if there are any current students/graduates from that program on here? I am looking for some pointers on writing the essays. There are seven prompts (such as.... clinical strengths/weaknesses, academic strenghts/weaknesses, work experience as it relates to the MSN specialty of your choice, any info you would like the committee to know about you). I have tried to answer these questions clearly and succiently (as the total essay can only be 3-5 double spaced pages). Does anyone have any pointers on things they may be looking for? I have heard they are looking to see how consistant your choice is to your goals.... I am thankful for any info!!!

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