RN looking for employment at New Hanover Regional Medical Center

  1. I am currently working as an RN in New York State but am re-locating to the Wilmington, NC area. I've applied to numerous positions at NHMC but cant seem to get anyone on the phone from HR. Does anyone know of any nurse recruiters in this area or any tips about getting into this hospital?? ANY info would be soooo greatly appreciated! I would LOVE to work at this hospital!!!
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  3. by   olliesmommy1005
    Keep applying, you'll get there! Good luck
  4. by   Colbruno RN
    Thanks alot! ( i cant Pvt mess yet but i can read them) Ive been applying online but you never know if anyone even reads them. Do you know if theyre even hiring? Im sure its very competitive. I work at a nursing home now but i would love to move on to a hospital. Im relocating down there in the next few months and i neeed to find a job! Do you know of any other facililites hiring or that i should look in to? Doc office, one day surgery, nursing home, anything! I want a hospital job but at the end of the day i need A job! Any tips would help. Its hard job searching from hundreds of miles away!! Thanks