ranking points for forsyth tech ADN

  1. 0 Hey can anyone tell me how many points they had if they got into the ADN program at forsyth tech? I have 147 and I'm trying to get into the fall 2010 and would just like to get any idea
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    How do add up ur points. I have B's in all my prereps. Takin bio 165 now at gtcc. Are u just adding up your grades? i know if you have an B its work 4pts times credit hour? or is their something else that gives you extra points?
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    well you have to take in the composite score of your teas test... but yeah i think an a is worth 4pts, b 3 pts, c 2pts and then you multiply the grade you got by how many credit hours there are! and you add those all up to get your ranking score!
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    I have a feeling you're going to get in..haha.!
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    haha and i think your feeling is right! wooohooo. so ready
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    it's a good school, congrats.

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