Question about these nursing programs

  1. I was just wanting to know the requirements, experiences, and competition of these programs:

    Wayne Community College
    Sampson Community College
    Lenoir Community College
    Craven Community College
    Carteret Community College
    James Sprunt Community College
    Coastal Carolina Community College
    Cape Fear Community College

    Also, I am an LPN.
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  3. by   raymonsgal
    Craven is where I;ve applied here is some more information:

    Transition Applications - Applications for transition students for the Summer 2009 class will be accepted, beginning January 5, 2009.
    • The applicant must be a graduate of an approved Practical Nursing program and hold a current unrestricted license in the state of North Carolina to practice as a Practical Nurse. The applicant must have been employed as an LPN within the past 3 years. The applicant's supervisor or Human Resources Director must mail a letter directly to the College's Admissions Office verifying employment, position held, and phone number where the supervisor or Human Resources Director may be contacted for verification.
    • The applicant must have successfully completed all pre-requisites for NUR 120 Nursing II, including non-NUR courses, prior to the first day of class.
    And he webpage;
  4. by   mattyca001
    hey cassandra or anyone that can help. I just graduated PN program. I was wondering if you have any tips or if anyone has any "study guides" for the NCLEX PN email me at